Self-Expression and Human Existence

January 17th, 2007

My voice teacher of five years ago, Mr. Burgess, shared with me his revelation about human existence the other day. His revelation was: Self-Expression.

He said, “Self-expression is the drive that is hard-wired, contained within the DNA.” He continued, “Every other drive we may have is subordinate to the desire/passion for total, complete, full expression of oneself. That is, there is only one drive ruling humanity: the drive/passion for total, complete, full self-expression.”

I pondered upon it and thought he’s got it right.

When God created human, He created human according to His own image – expression. God created human in His self-expression. So now we got the DNA in our blood, we are co-creators and we desire for self-expression.

Examining those great minds in the history, I found the reason for their success was the manifestation of their self-expression. Painters, sculptors, photographers, architects, singers, composers, musicians, explorers, dancers, designers, Olympians, writers, film makers, sports players, and on and on. They all succeeded in self-expression.

Even it was a short life for Van Gogh, he succeeded in self-expression. From today’s point of view, he was a great artist.

It seems when self-expression is allowed, honored, admired, applauded one becomes flourished, and more self-expression and creativity come out.

The secret is to find out what do we want to express and manifest it in this life time.

It’s like a burning flame, once it’s ignited it keeps burning magnificently until the end.

I think that’s what “life purpose” is all about. When we manifest our inner expression we feel fulfilled and we bloom. It is like our life is full of meaning and we don’t feel lost or empty anymore.

Now it becomes simple. Our life is to find out our unique expression, that inner treasure embedded in our essence, our DNA.

Only when we can self-express fully then our existence becomes meaningful and complete.

We can then rest in peace and liberate from the cycle of life and death.

So, it’s that simple.


Poplar mandala by Maria Yu 











            Poplar mandala by Maria Yu


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  8. Jackal on 25 Feb 2007 at 05:56:03

    I think self-expression is vital and is the true way we connect, communicate and validate our existence.