Who Is Maria Yu?

    Barn at Hardson Mansion

I am an engineer, researcher, programmer, painter, photographer, writer and spiritual seeker.
I was bron in Taipei, Taiwan and grew up there until I got my B.S. in Civil Engineering.
Then I went to graduate school at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.
I got my M.S. in Civil Engineering and Ph.D. in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.
My study and research work invloved a great amount of Mathematics, Numerical Computation and Sicentific Visualization.
I have worked in the area of Biomechanics, Business Planning and Control System, Telecommunication and Engineeering Simulation.
My engineering training and art making complement each other. As an artist I have an integrated approach for my engineering analysis and programming. As an engineer I give my art an abstract and contemporary presentation.
Growing up I learned a little bit about Buddhism and Taoism. When I was in college I was baptized a catholic.
I believe in God the great creator, but there were questions I could not find answers in the revised Bible and from the Church, nor in science and technology.
Until I learned sacrd geometry.
I believe God's creation started with sacrd geometry.
For me sacrd geometry is fascinating and mysterious, and is even reflected in Quantum Mechanics and the Holographic Universe.
Why am I here on earth at this time? What can I accomplish? What can I do for animals and humanity?
There are many things in life waiting for me to discover and fulfill.
Intention and frequency is the key. Intention is the focus and frequency is the vibration.
I believe we create our own reality.