Cost of Personal Development and Spiritual Growth

December 13th, 2006

After I set out my path on personal growth, spirituality, and healing modality I found it’s not for everyone. It costs a lot. There are many classes. workshops, conferences and retreats but they are not cheap. It seemed to me in general the tuition for personal development costs the least then spirituality then healing, but there are lots of exceptions. The more “esoteric” the class is, the more expensive it gets. Personally I think “personal development” is a day-to-day cultivation and requires the “mind and body coordination” to make it happen, therefore, I found it’s better to learn from reading and practicing. Presently there are many free on-line postings and less than $100 eBooks available (for example, Dr. Joe Vitale‘s ZState). Steve Pavlina‘s web site is really a good one, he writes from his own experience and it’s free. Just to find out what’s the cost for personal development I did a Google search by typing “personal development” and here is one of the paid-ads: The Fenix Event – two and a half days, course tuition $1,995, reviewer tuition $200. Nowadays, it’s popular to offer discounted rate for “review,” people seem to forget what they learn?

I have not heard about this above program but there are established institutes and centers I have learned about or gone to (Kripalu for animal communication and Rowe for sound healing conference) which offer a variety of personal development, spirituality and healing courses.

There are a few healing techniques I got interested and they claim to be powerful and effective:

This last class I am just not quite sure about the cost and channeling. It’s hard for me to believe Jesus would want to charge a one day class for $700. It is more inclined for me to believe that he would want more people to learn it rather than less.

There are some “newer” healing modalities I encountered recently:

  • Adept, 2 days, $495
  • Adam Kadmon, weekend $495
  • Intra-dimensional Webworking, 2 weeks $3,920
  • Diveine Intervention and Spontaneous Remission, 2-week intensive $6,401

Someone please tell me they really really work miracles.

I had taken Reiki I and II from a teacher who decided not to join the Reiki Alliance. She believed more people should learn Reiki and the Alliance’s cost guideline was not for everyone. Her tuition was about half of the standard. That brought out a good point. Don’t we want more people to become integrated and healthy so the world and the Earth would be a more peaceful and joyous place? Or is it because people have a false perception that expensive means good?

Even the tuitions at these established institutions/centers are reasonable, still the cost is not everyone can afford or would want to spend. So who goes to these classes, workshops, conferences or retreats? The people I met at classes that I went to didn’t all seem to be wealthy wealthy people. They might be just like me who has a great interest in spiritual growth and wants to learn to heal. Maybe it is like in the IRA structure that the middle-class bears the burden so is us, the middle-class in “spiritual growth” who sustains the human evolution?

One thing I observed was that people “rely” on teachers, people lean on “gurus”. When they find one or some they stick with the teacher(s) and think their growth and healing all depend on the teacher(s). Many people don’t seem to have the confidence to make what they learn to be their own. They keep going to classes or sessions and they go back for “review” and “reactivation.”

For me I want a teacher to show me the way then I am able to do it myself and walk on my own journey. It seems to be like taking art classes. After taking some art classes it’s better to quit taking classes and develop your own way. I had taken three pastel workshops from three renowned pastelists. This famous third teacher charged $900 for a 5-day workshop in 2004, and he only stood by me two times. I listened to what he said to an assistant who went to the workshop year after year. He told this student assistant what I had discovered when I was painting on my own at home. I said to myself, that’s it I am on my own.

Not every artist can teach or teach well and it seems to apply to teach spirituality and healing. Not every practitioner can teach or teach well. The two teachers from whom I took animal communication and Hsin tao movement criticized students a lot, which I didn’t think to be appropriate.

Now as an earnest learner in healing I need guidance and directions. How to justify the tuition cost is one thing, where to find a real teacher is another. I know I want to learn energy healing, animal healing and multi-dimensional healing, and I want to develop my intuitive abilities and connect to spiritual guides and higher dimensions. If you have any thoughts about the topic please comment on it. If you have taken a good class or know of a good teacher please let me know.


As I Wish pastel painting by Maria Yu

“As I Wish” – pastel painting by Maria Yu



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  3. Rick Cockrum on 31 Dec 2006 at 09:47:55

    Most of the classes and conferences you’ll see are a waste of time, money, effort. You’ll benefit more from reading, living, actually using the techniques you know in your life. If there is a specific skill you want to learn that is teachable, you are better off finding a congenial practitioner who will apprentice you.

    Personal growth isn’t complicated, it’s just hard.

  4. Mark McManus on 01 Jan 2007 at 09:14:11

    I agree with Rick. I think Personal Development concepts are the fundamentals of growth i.e. they never change. People may articulate things differently but that’s about it. One simple distinction deeply internalised will revolutionise your life. It’s not about how many courses you’ve attended or how many books you have, at the end of the day it’s the principles that you have internalised and live on a daily basis that make any and all difference. If you find yourself going to a new seminar every month and watch the year’s go by with out a real, lasting change, you’re dabbling. Stop the dabbling, take out one helpful book and resolve to not put it away again until you are practising its principles day in, day out and are feeling the positive changes they bring. Thanks

  5. Maria Yu on 05 Jan 2007 at 16:25:58

    Posted at Mystical Realm on January 1, 2007

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  7. Scott Lee on 10 Jan 2007 at 13:34:25

    What you say about personal development being something that would ideally be a thing where people can take it upon themselves to really learn something once, and then proceed to learn even more on their own without the co-dependent need to go back again and again is very, very true.

    While it is kind of sad to say, I think Anthony Robbins is one of the guys that somehow gets people coming back over and over, often to hear the same material every single time they return.

    If you’re looking for magic in personal development, you likely won’t find it. Personal development works like any other general device – it works if you work it! I think in the future, as these methods of self improvement become more mainstream and more people learn them, it will be less commercialized. You have to remember that many of the smaller personal development programs are frauds – people are getting scammed and disgusted with personal development.

    The ones that work are the ones that stick around and usually become somewhat famous, like Sedona Method, PhotoReading, or the totally non-commercial lucid dreaming techniques.

    -Scott Lee

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  9. Jean MacManus on 20 Jan 2007 at 10:50:19

    I taught metaphysical development for 24 years, from 1976 to 2000, in Dallas, Texas and Atlanta Georgia, at which time I moved to California where my situation was such that I didn’t teach. I usually taught in small groups – ranging from about 10-15 people for development classes up to around 30 for workshop classes. I taught without a break every week for 7 years – and then took a week off :). Many of the people that I taught went on to teach. My fees were minimal – sometimes $5 a class – even at times free. One thing that I noticed is that when a teacher teaches for free, the student doesn’t seem to value what is taught – no matter how valuable the material. I guess they believe that they are getting what they pay for and do not realize that the act of teaching is as valuable for the teacher as it is for the student.

    The process of teaching clears a channel so that the teacher can then reach for new information and thereby expand themselves. In addition, every person who is taught adds light to the world.

    I have recently been thinking about teaching again – perhaps through an internet venue. My husband and I have a website at where we have some of the material that we have taught/worked with. I am currently developing a website because I believe that the times we are living in are some of the most dangerous times in history and everyone needs to be able to have “eyes that see” and “ears that hear”

    My teaching is and has always been teaching so that the one who is learning can “do it themselves.”

    Among other things I teach etheric/astral/mental/soul projection, soul retrieval, distance healing, healing techniques, chakra opening, developing inner sight and hearing.

    If anyone is interested in talking to me in the physical, please email me at

  10. Florian on 28 Jan 2007 at 22:03:55

    I found your blog via google by accident and have to admit that youve a really interesting blog 🙂
    Just saved your feed in my reader, have a nice day 🙂

  11. Lexi Sundell on 15 Apr 2007 at 21:39:53

    I agree with Jean MacManus’ statement that “when a teacher teaches for free, the student doesn’t seem to value what is taught” and I also agree with your desire to be shown the way so you can walk your own journey.

    Many people simply go through the motions, going from one workshop to the next because they do not sustain their own development and repeatedly need the group boost. This is not a particularly productive course of action.

    There are other reasons for auditing a course, such as one that contains a great deal of information, particularly multi-dimensional information, since auditing it can allow deeper layers of meaning to be revealed. Another reason is to become more familiar with that class environment if the person auditing is a teacher-in-training.

    As to what you should study, your best guidance for that will come from your own clear intuition. If you have not developed your intuition to where it speaks clearly enough, that is a good place to start learning.

    Given your interest in Sacred Geometry, I suggest you have a look at Crystalline Consciousness Technique, which does use sacred geometry and is strongly focussed on each practitioner having their own connection to CCT. The site is It also would have provided a tool for you that could have eased the difficult class environment you describe in another post since it is particularly effective for group work.

    I have enjoyed looking at your artwork as I am artist myself. Have a great journey on your learning adventures!