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Light Language, Water and Manifestation

November 27th, 2006

What is Light Language?

I am a Light Language Level I & II practitioner. I learned Light Language from two great teachers, Marcia Brandt and Joan Donovan. In the workshops we used the notebook written and compiled by spiritual teacher Starr Fuentes. I will quote what it is from the notebook in the following. Please understand that some of the things I say here are not yet “proved” by the current science.

“Light Language was brought down from one generation to another from the Mayan and the Aztecs. Light Language is currently practiced by a small tribe in central Mexico. The Light Language is the use of colored light and Sacred Geometry to create clear messages.
Each thought carries its message. The message travels in the neurons of the brain where it is transformed into electromagnetic impulses. These impulses shape the messages into concepts that your conscious mind can comprehend.
Clear thoughts with clear intentions produce messages that emanate from the brain into the surrounding environment as Light Language.
This is how your aura is formed. This is how SPIRIT knows what you resonate with in life. SPIRIT then feeds you either the energy that you are resonating, or if you are dissonating, SPIRIT brings balance to you. Light Language structures everything.
To be in a space that Light Language will work in it most powerful aspects, a certain state of consciousness is required. There are three principles that your conscious mind must be in agreement with:
1. Your thoughts create your reality.
2. You are 100% responsible for your reality.
3. As above, so below.
When you know that these concepts are Universal Laws, then you can use these laws to your advantage.”

When I read this I thought of the “Law of Attraction,” “thoughts as vibrations,” and “intention manifestation.”

In Dr. Masaru Emoto’s book “The Hidden Messages in Water,” he talked how he believed his experiment would succeed in finding physical evidence of water’s ability to memorize information. He said “What you really know is possible in your heart is possible. We make it possible by our will. What we imagine in our minds becomes our world.” (Isn’t this like the above three principles?) In “The Hidden Messages in Water” Dr. Emoto showed photographs of crystals formed by exposing water to music, words and images. These photographs are physical evidence of the effect that energy or vibration has on the formation of ice crystals. Dr. Emoto made clear the fact, “Existence is vibration.” He further explained that “The entire universe is in a state of vibration, and each thing generates its own frequency, which is unique.”

Dr. Emoto then talked about frequency and sound. He pointed out that “The most important revelation is that of resonance. Sounds of the same frequency resonate.” He presented an example and then said “When one side creates a frequency and the other responds with the same sound, they resonate. It’s said that likes attract, and so it would appear that vibrations attract and interact with each other.”

So what does Light Language have to do with water? They are both about vibration and resonance. Even quantum mechanics and the string theory are about vibration and resonance. The other thing the Light Language and water have in common is intention and manifestation.

Before I continue let me include the definitions of resonance found in wikipedia.
In physics, resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate with high amplitude when excited by energy at a certain frequency. This frequency is known as the system’s natural frequency of vibration, resonant frequency, or eigenfrequency.
Acoustic resonance is the tendency of an acoustic system to absorb more energy when the frequency of its oscillations matches the system’s natural frequency of vibration (its resonant frequency) than it does at other frequencies.

Dr. Emoto likened humans as water. I think humans are also air. Humans cannot survive without water nor can humans live without air. Water and air are two mediums that manifest energy. I think while water transports energy within our body, air transports our energy to the cosmos, the higher dimensions or the other realms. It seems to me Light Language is the language our energy “speaks” in the energy fields outside of our body (that is our aura), and it is the most efficient way we make the universe know.

What is our aura? I found in wikipedia: Aura refers to the energy field emanating from the surface of a person or object. This emanation is visualized as an outline of cascading color and may be held to represent soul vibrations, chakric emergence, or a reflection of surrounding energy fields. Layers of aura are seen as separate and distinct, yet connected to all the remaining layers.

When we speak Light Language, the language of the energy fields or the high dimensions, our intention is clear and focused with no confusion thus produces a direct and right-time result. Colored light and geometry are the core of Light Language. Different colors have different vibrations and meanings so are geometrical shapes, and they present different energies. Basically you use colors and shapes to declare and manifest your intentions. One way to use Light Language is to emanate a colored shape or a sequence of shapes. For example, if I am meditating I can emanate a purple cube around me to stabilize spirituality or a white cube to stabilize enlightenment. If I want to heal a person I can send her a green sphere. In a traffic jam, I can emanate a red cylinder to get the cars moving. To gain executive and business aptitudes I can use a yellow dodecahedron. Emanated shapes last anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours.

Another way to use Light Language is to put colored shapes into a grid. A gird is a sequence of seven, forty-nine, or 144 colored shapes; it lasts much longer than a emanated shape or sequence. There are three basic types of seven-shape grids, the personal grid which is used for people and living beings, the stationary grid which is used for places and buildings, and the dictionary grids. I have created web pages of colored shapes and dictionary grids with animation, these shapes and grids can be sent as e-cards.

Light Language works with light, it is of a high vibration and it cannot do harm. This is how Light Language works with our energy field as described in Starr Fuentes‘s notebook.
“As you emanate a particular colored shape or grid, you create its resonance in your own aura, or in the aura or place where you send it. As you emanate the vibratory energies of the shape of grid, it will resonate with similar energies in your outer and inner world, and attract these energies to you. You magnetize to yourself that which you wish to create by choosing the shapes and colors that resonate most with your desired outcome.” “Light is a valuable resource that can be programmed and used to create desired outcomes. Its use gives you conscious control of your reality. Light is the ultimate form of energy and is available to you ALL the time!”

In “The Hidden Messages in Water” Dr. Emoto mentioned a vibration-detection device which is capable of measuring the unique vibrations emitted around people and then transcribing them into water. He was able to measure the vibrations coming from many different people and relate the negative vibrations to the vibrations of various elements in the periodic table. Dr. Emoto also mentioned a physicist’s observation of how the positions of the stars affected water. It was deduced that there is a close connection between Saturn and lead and that Saturn is closely related to the emotion of anger. Dr. Emoto was positive about one day we may be able to identify which planets correlate to which elements.

My understanding is that this correlation of planets and elements could be established indirectly through the study of sound. Why do I mention this here since I am talking about Light Language and water? Because it is all about vibration. We humans are vibrations and the universe is vibration. I pulled out the two articles I read a while ago by Thomas Váczy Hightower, “The Harmony of the Spheres” and “The sound of Silence.” In the first article Hightower presented Johannes Kepler’s work in planetary motion and in the study of the Music of the Spheres. Kepler inscribed the Platonic solids in between the six orbits of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The order of the five Platonic solids is as follows: octahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron, tetrahedron and cube. Note that these five shapes are used in Light Language. Kepler compared each plante’s angular velocities at the nearest point to and furthest point from the Sun and expressed this ratio as a musical interval. The ratios were then simplified by octave reduction to give an interval between C and C at one octave higher. In this article Hightower provided a table listing the nine planet’s corresponding frequency and chromatic tone (for example, for Saturn the tone is D in the 2nd octave). In the second article Hightower presented the periodic table in terms of octaves. If water responds to music then for sure it responds to the music of the planets. I found in Manfred Clynes’s work where he graphically recorded the effect of music on human emotions using his special finger transducer. In Clynes’s research article he showed waveforms of seven emotions and listed their frequencies and amplitudes. Sharry Edwards and Nicole LaVoie use sonic frequencies based on atomic weights of minerals for healing. (Vibrational medicine is the latest study in energy healing. More information can be found in “Vibrational Medicine” by Richard Gerber.) It seems to me elements or minerals, human emotions, and planets are all vibrations, so they can by correlated by their frequencies. Since they are all vibrations, they resonant. (I will talk more about sound in other posts.)

Another thing Dr, Emoto mentioned is the morphic field theory presented by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake. The theory explained the repetition of events. “According to the theory, when the same thing repeats itself, a morphic field is formed, and resonance with this morphic field increases the likelihood that the event will happen again. We can see this as an example of resonance theory.”

I see the measuring of vibrations emitted around people and the morphic field theory apply well to Light Language. When we emanate a colored shape or sequence or use a grid we raise our frequency and emit positive vibrations. These positive vibrations resonate with the positive energies in the universe and attract more. And more attracts more. Then there are all these coincidences happening. It will be interesting to see water crystals of the vibrations emitted from people emanating Light Language. I believe they would be crystals of colored geometries.

Einstein’s theory of RELativity E = M*C*C for me C is the intention and M is the frequency or vibration. With intention and frequency we send out our energy for manifestation and this is my theory of REAlity. Light Language is perfect for my theory of reality. We use Light Language to declare or emanate our intention with vibration and sent it out at above light speed. (According to the Curanderos, there are five speeds above light speed, and these are the speeds at which Light Language is formed.)

I remember while I was in the Light Language three-day workshop every morning when I opened my eyes I saw twinkling up in the ceiling. They were of different colors and different shapes. Likes attract likes, maybe because I was immersed in the energies of Light Language so they appeared to me. I have web pages of colored shapes so you can go there to look at the animation of these colored shapes, feel their vibrations and emit their energies yourself. You can send out an e-card of these colored shapes or the dictionary grid of love, gratitude and universal healing to your family and friends. (The most beautiful crystals are formed by showing water the written words love and gratitude.) If you need a personal grid, a stationary grid or a forty-nine shape grid I can customize one for you.

In light!











“Mallows in Marsh” pastel painting by Maria Yu


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Loneliness and Solitude

November 25th, 2006

I thought I was quite content in solitude until I moved to New Hampshire and worked in Vermont then I knew about loneliness. I realized that loneliness and solitude was just one hair line apart.

Before I moved to NH-VT I lived in Glenview and Evanston, IL and worked in Chicago for some years. It was more of a urban and suburban life. I went to Church religiously and had my quite time with God regularly if not daily. I had my sister and friends there and we would do things together on weekends and holidays. From time to time these friends would call to say hello or to talk about their happenings. However, I felt I needed more time and scenery to paint. It’s pretty flat in my surroundings. Once I got on the main roads, then there was traffic. I longed to be away and be in the mountains. So when an opportunity came for me to move to NH-VT I took it.

It was very pretty in New Hampshire and Vermont. There were even trees in the middle of interstate highway 89 and 91. I drove around country roads and visited small towns and took pictures. During the Fall foliage season I drove along rural routes and breathe in all these radiant colors. After a day’s drive, when I closed eyes to sleep I saw mountains in reds and oranges.

Until the Sun set early and Winter crept in. Things quiet down after 5 PM around here and it’s pretty dark in my area. There were just a spotting number of light poles and there was not a traffic light in my town. When I got home after work the minute I entered the house a feeling of sadness arose from no where in the dark. I didn’t know many people around and only had a certain degree of human contact at work. People in New England seemed to be different from mid-west.

Then two weeks before Thanksgiving I got a big cut on the ankle. That Sunday I painted a rose from a picture of my sister’s garden in Glenview. I was amazed at how vividly I painted it. Still in my excitement when I was cleaning up, I didn’t pay attention to the sharp edges of the floor lamp and got a deep deep cut on the right ankle. It bled heavily. I could not move and eventually made my way to the bathroom. I put my foot in the sink and the white sink turned red. I poured my Chinese herbal powder (good for stopping bleeding) over the cut again and again until finally the bleeding stopped. It was painful. Unfamiliar with the medical facilities in the area I couldn’t find a clinic available for immediate treatment when the week started. I used more herbal powder. However, the cut got red and swollen. Finally a nice lady at work told me to go to a walk-in clinic so I went there a week before Thanksgiving. The lady at the registry asked my who my contact was, my eyes got wet. I had no contact in the area. I told her I had to give her my friend in Illinois. (My sister moved back to Taiwan then.) The physician was surprised that I wore shoes but did not wear socks. (How could I wear a sock over my wound?) She literally wrote down on my medical record that “She wore shoes without socks!” I was amazed. My recheck was on Thanksgiving day, it was an icy cold day.

That winter was record cold and record snow in years in New England. A severe snow storm hit us on Christmas day. The temperature was continuously negative for over 10 days for quite some time and it snowed a lot, not measured in inches but in feet. There was icy rain too. I didn’t have a garage so the rain and snow would seal my car and made me unable to open car doors in the morning. Everyday and everywhere was white. And more white. No Christmas lights, just dark. When I drove on the valleys and hills all I saw was white, gray and empty.

In the midst of that winter and afterwards when I saw pictures of snow scenes, white mountains or white forests, I didn’t feel serenity at all. I felt loneliness.

I never thought I would feel lonely as I have so many things to do and I live a content and contemplative life. But that winter being alone in a new place, though with my rabbit and cat, I understood what loneliness was. That experience had grounded me and made me stronger. I am in solitude now and I know how to shift from loneliness to solitude, if that ever comes up.

 December - pastel painting by Maria Yu









“December” – pastel painting by Maria Yu


Copying the Masters

November 22nd, 2006

Some art teachers encourage students to copy the masters’ work while some discourage it. I think it depends on how the “copying” is done. For me, I learned to “do” a pastel painting by copying.

I drew and colored growing up and was always interested in art. Because of the intensive study in academia I put aside art. When I became serious about doing art as an adult I went to take classes at the Evanston Art Center after work two or three nights a week. I started with drawing, from portrait to figure to still life and landscape. I did a lot of charcoal drawings and learned a great deal about tonal values. Then I went off to color. I didn’t care about learning color theory because I could “feel” color. Color is just natural to me. However, I didn’t know how to do a painting with pastels. I could draw but didn’t know how to do a pastel painting.

I learned a lot about painting in that fall/winter after my move from Chicago to New Hampshire in the previous summer. My medium was pastel. I stated by copying Cezanne’s oil painting “La Montagne Sainte-Victoire 1897-98” then I went on to “Mont Sainte-Victoire 1904-06.” I stopped in the middle of doing the later because I felt I was just painting faces of cubes. I shifted to paint water lilies from Monet’s paintings. It was joyful doing the lilies, like painting strokes of colors. I tried to do Van Gogh’s “Cafe Terrace at Night 1888” but could not even started it because all the emotions in the painting just came up to me. The I did Georgia O’keeffe’s “Red Flower 1918-19.” It was a big red flower with blue, yellow, green and violet shapes in the background but strongly I felt psychologically impacted. I knew I would never copy her paintings again. My epiphany came by copying a poster that belonged to my sister. It’s Monet’s “Le jardin de l’artiste a Giverny 1900.” I painted the whole painting and learned how to “weave” different colors together and how to shift hues and saturation of colors. I also learned that I didn’t paint a flower, tree or bush; I painted in shapes of colors. I remembered reading a book and the author commented that Cezanne criticized Impressionism to be out of form but the author thought Monet was using light as his form. After copying Monet’s painting I considered Monet did actually use forms. He used shapes/strokes of colors.

Some teachers said that when copying a master’s work you have to try to understand why and what the master was doing and how the mater felt. For me, I look at the painting and get into the painting and just let the energy of the painting (master) come to me. After that winter of copying master pieces I was off on my own. No more copying.


“Sometimes, mornings and evenings – for I had stopped painting during the clearest and most brilliant hours… – I said to myself, while doing my rough sketches, that a series of impressions of the ensemble [of the water lily pond], taken at hours when my vision had the best cahcne of being accurate, would not be without interest. I waited until the idea took shape, until the arrangement and the composition of the motifs little by little had inscribed themselves in my brain, and the day that I felt I had sufficient trumps in my hand to try my luck with a real hope of success, I resolved to act, and I acted.”

– Claude Monet

– From “Monet Water Lilies” edited by Charles F. Stuckey


The Dainty Arch - pastel painting by Maria Yu







“The Dainty Arch” – pastel painting by Maria Yu 


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