A Lonely Wolf

April 12th, 2007

Last Spring I took two Animal Communication workshops at Kripalu in Berkshires, MA. Level 1 started Friday night and ended Sunday noon then Level 2 started Sunday night and ended Thursday noon.

The weekend level 1 class was fun but when the level 2 class started the mood changed to become unpleasant. Many people in the level 2 class were already doing animal communication for sometime. All of us, except one, got criticized. A few ladies cried. I had never been in a workshop that was so dreadful, by Tuesday I was thinking about leaving.

It was a light raining day on Tuesday. After lunch I took a walk in the dandelion field with trees. I started seeing twinkling of colors around me, something like flower petals falling and floating in the air. I thought my astigmatism really got bad. I was pondering whether to stay or to leave. I lied down on the grass and the twinkling kept going.

I fell to sleep. When I woke up the twinkling disappeared. As I was walking back to the building I saw an image of a brown horse with a white nose. The horse gave me her name and told me where she lived. She told me to hang in there.

That afternoon our Animal Communication class did a power animal retrieval exercise. Two people were partners and each retrieved the other’s power animal. My partner retrieved me a gorgeous golden brown horse. I realized that was the horse came to me earlier.

Wednesday morning we went outside to the woods and saw the grandfather tree. The teacher said in the Nature there were fairies. Flower fairies would appear like twinkling of colors. So now I was glad I stayed to learn this. I saw flower fairies yesterday.

Our last exercise on Thursday was to communicate with an animal we feared. I didn’t have an animal I really felt fearful so I just sat still and open to whoever came.

A black wolf came.

It was dark at night and I got on the bed. The black wolf sat next to me and said he was lonely. I said I didn’t like him eating rabbits because I loved rabbits and I had one before. The wolf sighed and said he didn’t like eating rabbits, it’s only because wolves ate rabbits. “People don’t understand me,” he said. Then he asked, “come and play with me.”

So we went out to play.

He led me to the rolling fields of Berkshires. We hopped and tumbled and ran around in the tall grass. The moon was up and shining bright. My horse came and joined us and let the wolf and me ride on her back. She cantered us to the grandfather tree. The wolf said under the grandfather three was where he would sit to sing to the moon when he was lonely.

We played and played.

When the time came to depart I told the wolf, “come anytime when you want to play.” The wolf told me, “learn what you don’t know and then you will be on your own.”










The Grandfather Tree – Photography by Maria Yu



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  1. sindoo20 on 01 May 2007 at 06:20:32

    The wolf was true in every sense.