Vibrational Protection

March 28th, 2007

From the spiritual workshops and classes I took I found “how to protect yourself” to be an important and must-be-included subject.

As much as the spiritual teachers and healers are enthusiastic about healing people and the environment, they must protect themselves first.

It’s until I studied vibrational medicine and energy healing then I knew negative energies and psychic attacks were realities.

Everything is vibration.

Our feelings, thoughts, senses and will are all vibration.

From our DNA, cells, to our all body, every organism vibrates at its own frequency.

The things we use or wear, desks, chairs, clothes, jewelry, carry our energy imprints.

I learned psychometry in Extra-Sensory Perception classes. By holding a personal object of our fellow students we obtained information about the object and the owner. It was pretty accurate. In one case I “visited” my fellow partner’s home and got his dog jumping on me.

My Light Language teachers said when they travel and stay in a hotel, the first thing they do when entering a hotel room is to emanate a turquoise torus to clean up the room. Similarly, a dowser teacher said he uses dowsing rods to locate detrimental energies, then he says a prayer to transform then into beneficial energies. They said, you never know who had stayed in the room and what kind of vibration or energy was left there.

People emit their vibrations at all times, good ones and bad ones. These vibrations are like electromagnetic fields influencing our everyday life. If you are a sensitive person, by being in a crowded place you might pick up other people’s negative emotions, or if fortunate, cheerful feelings.

Have you ever wondered why you feel uplifted when being with person A or down with person B? It’s likely due to the vibration levels and whether you are in sync or not. Most importantly, the quality of the vibration.

Each person has her/his own vibration spectrum. Some vibrates at higher levels, while others at lower levels. It would certain uplift us if we go to a person with a higher vibration. That individual’s higher vibration can also raise up our vibration.

Sometimes I wonder, virus infection is some sort of vibration infection. Viruses are living organisms vibrating at their own frequencies. If we can develop a device to detect virus frequencies and cancel them out then we find a cue and a protection shield.

I like this phase, “We are always on the second floor.” My interpretation is this, we constantly have a ceiling to break through to climb up to the upper floor, yet at the same we have to work hard not to fall down to a lower level. Going down is easier than going up. When we go up one floor our vibration levels increase, and our consciousness and perspective expand.

One vibrational protection we can easily implement is to be careful about what we watch/read and what we hear/listen to.

In Sonia Choquette’s book, “Trust Your Vibes: Secret Tools for Six Sensory Living,” she listed a couple of protection steps:

1. Identify a bad vib for what it is and see how it affects you.
2. Speak up the minute you feel any negativity.
3. Discover where the negativity is coming from.
4. Cleanse a bad vib with loving communication. Negativity is often born out of misunderstanding. This does not mean to accept negativity but to accept that someone needs love, and bad vibs are just a very poor way to ask for that love.
5. Distance yourself from negativity – walk away.

I had just experienced 4 and 5 lately so I sent the vib a pink sphere with love to clear the energy and walked away.

As stated in Doreen Virtue’s “Angel Medicine” book, “It’s important to energetically shield yourself whenever you’re going to be in a situation with lower energies, such as a public place, or when you’re around ailing or angry people. This is especially important for sensitive individuals who tend to absorb other’ energy.”

Doreen Virtue’s method is to shield yourself, by imagining, thinking, or seeing yourself completely enveloped in colored light. The color can be white, pink, green or purple.

I know white light and pink light are used often. So for vibrational protection, you may imagine or visualize yourself inside a cylinder or sphere filled with white or pink light.

“Always protect yourself” is my teachers’ advice. As spiritual as they are they know being a spiritual person does not mean being plain tolerant or being taken advantage of. As Jesus taught love and forgiveness, He also said to be on guard.

Being spiritual is to return to the Zero point, pure Awareness, and our True Self.

It’s a journey to break out ceilings and defend against pull-down vibs.

We want to advance our consciousness and help others do the same but we need to protect ourselves from lower vibrations.


mandala of divine protection 









Mandala of Divine Protection by Maria Yu



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  1. vahsek on 03 Apr 2007 at 17:02:45

    A nice read and great pics.

    I too am interested in spiritual power and the mystery of nature.

    I haven’t found the answer yet of this question: Is spirituality beyond the nature?

    What do you think?

    all the best