Life Is But Probability

March 14th, 2007

I had a realization lately: Our life is a life of probabilities.

Trading talks a lot about probability but when I look at life, it is all probabilities.

How many times when we make a decision we know 100% sure how it is to turn out or where it leads to?

How often things do not flow in every detail the way we have planned; there might be minor twists or surprises.

We pretty much have to glide in life, constantly making decisions and accepting the probable outcomes.

All the medical, scientific, financial reports and the like, are presented with percentages, that is probabilities.

From reading these research findings we only get a sense of the likelihood of something.

Our future is influenced by our present, and our present our past.

The thing is, because we are human we have the probability of changing our mind, even at the last minute.

So when based on the same past patterns to make a choice for the same event but at a different time, it is probable we would choose differently.

That is the reason why some prophecies failed.

Prophecies are made with reference to the past and present information to look into the future. They are estimated future. Ultimately it’s the human thinking and action at the critical moment that determines the course.

We hold the key to our future.

What we think, do, have now, create our future of probabilities.

Which side of the dice will we get? It depends on our toss, but we always get one.

Then there is no fear in life because whatever we do it is all probabilities.

All we have to do is to “equip” us with whatever we can get – knowledge, skills, intention, will, etc.

By being better equipped we can then make ourselves arrive at the optimal side of probability.

There really is no fear, we just need to explore and experiment life.

How many years can we live, 70, 80, 90, or more? No one knows.

We just do our best to stay healthy and live our life to the full.

It is all probabilities and no fear.


mandala of probability 






 Reflection in Probability – Photography by Maria Yu



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4 Responses to “Life Is But Probability”

  1. Ajith on 14 Mar 2007 at 21:38:09

    I also think so..thats one of the main causes that I am not much of a believer (religious). Any way nice post

  2. Maria Yu on 17 Mar 2007 at 08:54:07

    Religion, however, does not contradict probabilities.

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  4. Mindy Wilson on 23 Mar 2007 at 12:29:30

    Very interesting points and wonderful photos!!

    I heart birds and trees, so that is what somehow lead me to your bloggie!!