Magic Folding for Manifestation

January 4th, 2007

I wrote in the previous post, “Where Do You Want to Go”, that I would activate my two tools for manifestation. Today I am making the first tool available online. It is called Magic Folding.

I developed Magic Folding based on my understanding of “Las of Attraction” and practice of Light Language and Angelic Seals. All these three are about quantum mechanics, energies, and thoughts. With my knowledge about vibrational medicine, quantum mechanics, and “Law of Attraction,” I  decoded Light Language and Angelic Seals and built this tool. Magic Folding is easy to do and it works even better than a sitting meditation to get you focused.

You would do Magic Folding in a quiet place by yourself, no TV nor radio.

You can do only one Magic Folding every 24 hours. If you can do Magic Folding at the same time everyday, you will feel its effects.

Now, please take a tour and find it out for yourself:

Magic Folding – an easy way to manifest!


Summer Dance at Jacob's Pillow 







“Summer Dance at Jacob’s Pillow” – pastel painting by Maria Yu


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