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In the Beginning

November 9th, 2006

It started with a search.
I wanted to know my life purpose…
I wanted to know who I am…
And I wanted to be myself, a free being.
The journey actually unexpectedly started two years ago when my rabbit died.
He opened up a world I had never known.
It is the spiritual world.
I mourned his death – I thought we would be together forever.
Every night I turned on the doorway lamp for him so he could find way to come home from the vet’s.
When I worked on my painting in the morning somehow I felt he was there.
I thought there were his droppings by the patio doors I didn’t see before.
Has he been back?
Until one night I fell to sleep on the chair after dinner.
At one moment I woke up and felt the atmosphere being different and foggy.
I got up to close the slightly opened patio door by the dinner table.
Then I turned away from the patio door.
But I felt something noisy behind me – something, maybe some waving movement.
I turned around yet saw nothing. The room was kind of full of glaring light.
My heart told me, it was Snowball, he came home for me.
It was peaceful and loving, so I knew he was OK.
My pain relieved a little.
I was then able to feel his coming home subsequently.
Anita, an animal communicator, confirmed that Snowball came home to see me a lot.
She said he would come back to me when it snowed. That was August.
Then the last Friday of October on my drive to work, a cat walked across the street and in front of my car.
The cat then sat under a tree by the street.
I stopped and jumped out of my car and went to the cat.
The cat didn’t run away.
It’s a calico.
I picked her up and knocked around the neighborhood but no one owned her.
I took her to my office.
I felt something special about her.
She would lie down by my chair which reminded me of my rabbit.
I took her to the vet for a check-up and decided to take her home.
I named her Amber.
My cat at home, Poplar, didn’t like Amber.
I let Amber stay in the basement – after all the fleas had to be cleaned up by the medicine.
I wasn’t sure about keeping Amber since I was waiting for Snowball to come back.
I called Anita, she asked “Is this cat dark?” I said “Yes.”
Then she said, “It’s Snowball, Snowball had come back to you as a cat.”
I said Snowball died in August but Amber was about 1 year old.
Anita said it didn’t matter.
Anita said the soul that was in this cat didn’t like her body so she left.
So Snowball entered. That worked out quite well.
I then remembered earlier that week it snowed, the first snow we got.
My quest of the universal force had just begun.


“Jazzy Bun” – pastel painting by Maria Yu


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