November 10th, 2006

I consider I am meditating when I am painting.
I usually got up earlier to paint before I went to work or started doing something.
At night before going to bed I would sit or lie on the floor to quiet down myself and just to be in silence and breathe.
That’s how I started noticing energy flowing in my body.
I found I could use my intension to direct the energy flow to a focused area.
I tried to use this method to relieve my back pain.
When I did this my right leg would jump (move up) by itself.
I thought that might be releasing some kind of blocked energy.
Until one day I experienced how powerful a meditation could be.
I read about Merkaba Meditation (human lightbody) and The Flower of Life (FOL) Research Organization.
I wanted to take the workshop from FOL but it was not offered in areas close to me.
See, I live in a small town called Grantham in NH. It’s about 20 minutes from Dartmouth college in Hanover, NH.
The closest “big” city is Boston, MA, about two or two and a half hours away depending on where in Boston and whether by coach bus or by me driving.
In December 2005 I saw a teacher giving a one-day workshop on Merkaba meditation in a spiritual bookstore in Cambridge, MA, in January 2006.
I knew FOL encouraged people to learn the meditation from their trained facilitators and this teacher was not an official facilitator, but I wanted to learn it right away and that was the earliest and closest I could find. So I went.
I think there were other factors happened before the workshop that made my experience so powerful.
I flew back to Taipei, Taiwan for Christmas of 2005.
It was a long flight so I read the book “Quantum Touch” by Richard Gordon and practiced his breathing techniques on the plane.
While visiting my sister and Mom I did quantum touch on them. They all felt good and liked my touch.
My sister was amazed by how powerful I was because she got dizzy and could not stand on her feet when I sent energy to heal her back where she injured herself by pushing too hard during labor.
So from Christmas to the time I took Merkaba meditation workshop I was at the peak of breathing with energy.
The teacher first taught us in sections of the meditation then we practiced the full length.
Right when he said “feel the connection with Mother Earth” I heard a tone in my ear. It was pretty loud.
Then when he said “feel the connection with Christ Consciousness” I saw violet light and was pulled up and up… Then right at the very top I was pushed back down.
I got back right away and out of my meditation.
That was quite an experience.
What would happen if I really got pulled up to the higher dimensions?
Why was I pushed back?
Was it because i still got things unfinished on earth?
Surely I got two cats to take care of.
That night when I was lying on bed just by breathing I felt my merkaba spinning.
Shortly after my merkaba got activated then there were black helicopters flying over my townhouse.
One early morning when I was painting in the studio on my top floor a black helicopter flew right outside of my patio door. It was so close and so loud.
I wondered why these people wanted to know what I was doing.
Until I read these books “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: Volume 1 and 2” and “Living in the Heart” by Drunvalo Melchizedek then I learned this “black helicopter’ phenomenon had happened to those who got their merkaba activated.
The reason is that US Air Force monitors merkaba field.
I still consider painting as meditating and I would like to learn more about Merkaba meditaton and other methods.


Contemplation with Oranges pastel painting by Maria Yu







“Contemplation with Oranges” – pastel painting by Maria Yu


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